Hotel Angela

We are fine !!!


Dear ANGELA guests and friends!

We are touched by so many emails and phone calls that reach us every day. We are happy and grateful for the sympathy and thoughtfulness from your side.

We are also especially grateful to be able to tell you that we are all healthy, well and in a good mood. We, that is besides the family also a few members of our staff, who are still here, partly voluntarily and partly involuntarily.

Herr Pavel cooks for us daily – so we are spoiled all around. Otherwise we work, for us totally unusual from „9 to 5". A completely new experience for us.

The sunny weather also helps, we enjoy walks and a bit of sports outdoors (we have set up the table tennis in front of the library).

In our thoughts we are also with you and hope that you, too, are all doing well according to the circumstances and that we will see each other again soon.

May our ANGELA-guardian-angel continue to accompany you all!

With warmest regards from the Lech mountains,
Yours Elisabeth with the whole familyWalch Fernandez and the faithful, who are still with us,
Mr. Pavel, Wilfrid, Sophia, Lizzy, Katharina, Vladimir and Zsolt

P. S. We have also still enough toilet paper :-)

Lech, 28. March 2020

The ANGELA is closed since 15. March 2020. The winter season has been finished before the scheduled date due to the corona epidemic. Since 17. March the whole village of Lech is in quarantine.

We will of course keep you informed here ...

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